Engemasa has complete metallurgical know how of its products and is ready to overcome challenges, supplying to the market static and centrifugal castings, forged bars and machining services.


All products are manufactured according to the most demanding national and international standards. Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001 and audited by SGS.


The state-of-the-art Magma software allows designs with high degree of complexity and quality. Engemasa is one of few Brazilian companies that has this technology.


Engemasa invests in internal and external research, counting with partnerships with the best Brazilian universities and institutes, developing special alloys, aiming to supply high performance products.


Foundry process simulation aid in designing castings products, allowing engineers to evaluate its “castability”, final properties and estimated costs during products’s conception phase.


Happy is the one who transfers what he says and learns what he teaches” (Cora Coralina)

Engemasa is committed with education since it provides the base that sustains the pillars of the quality of our products.
We have partnerships with the local Universities and we are developing actions to the society.
We believe in the human potential, and we endeavor to collaborate with the educational development of the locality.


ENGEMASA improves its processes continuously and searches for new solutions to reduce impacts on the environment, thus supporting the Triple Bottle Line (development economically feasible, sociably fair and environmentally friendly).

By using iron and steel chips and scrap as raw materials for our products, the company plays an important role as a recycler, reducing the exploitation of natural resources and contributing to the reduction of solid waste generation.

Foundry sands (ADF) are the main waste of the company, since it is used to make all casting molds. Finding solutions for the reuse of this material has been one of the greatest challenges related to sustainability at ENGEMASA. Internal laboratory analyzes guarantee the quality of the sand after the mechanical regeneration process, allowing the return of the sand to the productive process.

Since 2015 ENGEMASA participates in the Carbon Disclosure Program (CPD), a program for the dissemination of atmospheric emissions, and every year we provide a greater number of information to the program, promoting a relationship of transparency with our stakeholders.

Since our greatest asset is our collaborators, we have in place an Environmental Educational Program (PEA) designed to promote the awareness of everyone as to environmental issues and the anthropic impacts on the ambient we live in.