Products - Safety and Relief Valves

Dear Customers and Suppliers,

Engemasa Engineering and Materials Ltda. (Engemasa) and Curtiss-Wright Corporation (Curtiss-Wright) concluded an agreement where Curtiss-Wright has acquired the valves division of Engemasa. Specifically, Curtiss-Wright incorporated the products and technology of Engemasa safety valves, also known as AERRE.

Curtiss-Wright will operate this unit as Farris Brasil Indústria de Válvulas Ltda. (Farris Brasil), CNPJ: 19.477.733/0001-40, located at Rua Ernesto Cardinalli, 55, Dist. Industrial Miguel Abdelnur, CEP 13571-390, São Carlos-SP. At this time, Curtiss-Wright and Engemasa ensure that Farris Brazil will fully perform all obligations relating to the supply and technical support of Engemasa / AERRE products.

Engemasa will continue to perform their activities in the market usually through its other divisions: Foundry, Petrochemical, Compressors and Machining.

Emails received in email addresses, or will not be linked directly to the contacts of Farris Brasil and will be turned off in 15 more days.

If you need immediate contact, please forward the mails to (email address) or you can contact via phone using the numbers: (16) 2107-8741 (Sales) or (16) 2107-8740 (Materials).

Additional information regarding Farris and Curtiss-Wright can be found by clicking on the following link:

Kind regards,

Engemasa Engineering and Materials Ltda.