Products - Castings

ENGEMASA's casting parts are produced according to the most modern casting process. Ranging from 0.5 Kg to 2,500 Kg of piece, "clean", the pieces are produced according to the most rigorous control of chemical composition, heat treament required to input adequate metallographic structure, dimensional check-up, destructive tests and magnetic particle tests, penetrating liguid, ultra-sound and gamagraphy. The melting furnces are by air induction and under vacuum, making it possible to produce low carbon content alloys and dissolved gases.

The heat treatment furnaces are computer monitored with thermocouples checked according to specifications, assuring the required structures for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

ENGEMASA also produces castings to meet the most demanding work conditions under severe conditions of corrosion and high temperatures. To make that a reality, our Quality Control starts from the raw materials come into our facilities passing through all manufacturing process phases to the delivery to our customers.

As a pioneer company to be qualified by the strict Quality Control system of PETROBRAS, back in the 80's, ENGEMASA is ISO 9002 certified by the German Institute TÜV, assuring that our materials meet the most demanding specifications of the domestic and international markets. This provides our customers the necessary conditions to compete in a more and more globalized economy.

We count with state-of-the-art materials labs where tests can be made such as: mechanic, metallographic, chemical, radiographic, ultrasound, surface, among others; according to the toughest applicable specifications and assuring ideal performance of our products in their field applications. In addition, interchange with universities (USP/São Carlos and UFSCar) which are recognized nationally and internationally as technological centers in materials, allows to make tests such as: electronic microscopy, micro-probing and fluency tests. We also count with a wide range of training and recycling program to our collaborators through courses and lectures so they can always be updated with modern technologies and Quality Assurance procedures.