Engemasa - Quality Police

Engemasa produces materials to comply with the most demanding work conditions in tough environments, where the materials are exposed to corrosion, high temperatures, abrasive work conditions or even a partial or total combination of these. That's why our Quality Control starts from the moment materials are received in our facilities, passing through all manufacturing phases to the delivery to our customers, not forgetting our post-sales servicing.

Being a pioneer to be qualified by PETROBRAS strict quality assurance system, still at the 80's, ENGEMASA is SGS ICS (ISO 9001:2000) certified and RWTUV (AD 2000 Merkblatt W 0) certified, assuring compliance of our materials to the most demanding specifications of the domestic and international markets. This provides our customers the required conditions to compete in an ever-increasing globalized economy.

We also count with a wide rang of training programs and updating of our collaborators by offering courses and lectures so they can always be up to date with new technologies and Quality Assurance procedures.

There are the Prizes and Certificates given to ENGEMASA in recognition to its Quality:

Engemasa - Labs

We count with state-of-the-art material labs where we can conduct mechanical, metallographic, chemical, radiographic, ultrasound, and surface tests, among others, according to strict applicable specifications and assuring perfect performance of our products in field applications. Besides, interchange with universities (USP/São Carlos and UFSCAR) which are recognized both nationally and internationally as technological centers in materials sciences makes it possible to do special jobs in developing new materials.