Products - Petrochemical

In 1986 Engemasa started the production of static and centrifugally cast parts made of heat resistant alloys and superalloys. Our ability, knowledge and competence in this area allow us to produce products such as catalytic tubes, manifolds, tube sheets, conections, elbows, bending tubes, outlet header, cones, pigtails, tube supports, harps and hangers, as well as complete assembled projects meeting the most demanding requirements of several industrial activities in the production of Amonia, Aromatics, Ethylene, Ethane, Hydrogen, Paper, Fertilizers, Food and other chemical products.

Engemasa has several high heat resistant alloys developed by our expert team, obtained through an efficient process and support of a modern laboratory, which reflects in excellent performing products towards oxidation, carburizing and high abrasive environments. Our expert team is fully capable of providing services such as inspection and monitoring tubes in operation, metallurgical degradation analysis of tubes (carburizing, stretching, etc.) and development of new alloys.