Engemasa - The Company

ENGEMASA came from the ideals of modernization in the 70's when São Paulo University (USP) and São Carlos Federal University (UFSCar) engineers got together to found a company to cast stainless steels and special alloys in replacement to importations.

From the very beginning of its operations in 1978, ENGEMASA overcame obstacles by nationalizing parts, which were then imported with equal or better performance than the competition. The 1980's challenges, mainly from PETROBRAS, introduced ENGEMASA to the supplying market of forged bars in special alloys and metallic needles used to reinforce refractory concrete.

In the 90's, through close partnership with major universities and research labs, ENGEMASA walks into the Petrochemical market by supplying static castings with high nickel and chromium alloys for high temperature jobs. At the request of PQU (Petroquímica União), ENGEMASA develops technology to manufacture Centrifuged Tubes and initiates the assembly of petrochemical columns within the strictest metallurgical controls of micro-alloy additions, assuring their performance on high temperature jobs.

PETROBRAS and the domestic petrochemical industries can now count with a supplier 100% domestic, capacitation to welcome the increasing challenges of this major Sector of the Domestic Economy.

Still in the 90's, ENGEMASA purchases the technology to manufacture Safety and Relief Valves and, taking advantage of its own foundry technological capacity starts to occupy an outstanding position in the market segment.

Through continuous interchange with the major Brazilian universities and research institutes, ENGEMASA has complete metallurgical domain of its products and is ready to overcome the challenges of the coming decade.

The products are SGS, TUV and PETROBRAS certified, according to ISO 9000 specification.